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Coming out is most likely one of the hardest and yet one of the most courageous things a person can do.
Living life with courage allows us to close our eyes each night and sleep in peace. Leaving behind the idolatry of acceptance sets everyone free to find the place in their heart where courage waits to be unchained. When our social surroundings encourage dependency on acceptance from others instead of self- acceptance, achieving self-confidence seems a pointless endeavor.
To live life with confidence we must first look to our own heart. The same heart we looked to in the middle of our darkest moments when it felt like you were alone those nights when you wished for death rather than wake to another day. But you were never really alone. That same introspection must be revisited in order to find that mark where you can begin to live a confident life.
Each day lived with confidence leads to a life lived confidently. Days become weeks and months and without notice, confidence in yourself and who you are becomes a natural part of your existence and expression. Finding a path to living with courage, taking that courage and living with confidence paves the way to living our lives consistently.
Those who don’t understand the importance of us living life honestly should be exposed to our lives lived consistently. Hesitation on our part could cause family or friends to doubt our honesty. Not only does living life consistently show others the courage to be ourselves, it also strengthens our resolve to live confidently. Where ever you are on this journey, you are not alone.
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